TechnologY evaluation

Innovation = invention + exploitation
  Successful innovations are based on the combination of technological invention and exploitation, i.e. successful commercialisation. Accordingly, when evaluating innovative technologies we use a toolkit that encompasses the analysis of the technology potential, the customer benefit, the business model and the industry structure:

Depending on the respective task, we employ methods such as the S-curve concept or road mapping to analyse the (further) development potential of a particular technology. In order to translate technological advantages into customer benefit we use our internally developed Technology Market Mapping, a method allowing the specification of any given technology to be transferred in several stages into customer benefits. The lead user method helps to assess future customer requirements.
  Using business model analysis we present possible commercial applications for a particular technology and estimate their profitability.
The industry structure analysis serves to assess how possible innovation profits are distributed among the various players subject to their technology, market and patent positions.

With its background in consulting, venture capital and research, our team is highly competent and highly experienced in the identification and evaluation of innovative technologies and businesses.
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